Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2013

Kumusta Pamilya Ko!!

This week has FLOWN by! OH my heavens, it was insane how quickly it went! I knew my mission was going to go by quickly, but I didn't think it'd go by this fast, and I'm not even in the field yet! 

How's everything at home! Thanks to everyone for all of the packages and uplifting letters. I really look forward to reading them all. I wish I had more time to reply to them all, but just know that I'm trying!!

On Wednesday I got to be a host for the incoming missionaries! It brought back a lot of feelings and emotions, especially since I had only entered the MTC 3 weeks prior. I hosted two sisters- Sister Baker and Sister Taylor. They both seemed excited and a tad nervous, so I did everything in my power to start their missionary experience off great. I also took it upon me to comfort their moms, both of whom seemed to be struggling. I hugged each one of them and told them how much their daughter is going to love the MTC and that she will definitely be taken care of here. They were both extremely appreciative, and I hope I made the drop off a bit more enjoyable... if dropping your child of can be enjoyable!

Anna McConkie, Hailey Belle, and Tanner Cook all came into the MTC this week and I see them quite frequently. There are 6 of us here right now from Highland alone... The Lord really is hastening the work and I feel so privileged to be apart of it!

This past week we taught our investigator, Tatay Abner, a few more times. We spent almost 45 minutes in one lesson alone teaching Him about prophets. He really responded to our message and was so excited to hear that we have a prophet on the earth today who leads and guides us. At the end of the lesson, Sister Fewster and I felt prompted to invite Tatay to be baptized. He said he would, and we set the baptismal date for March 10. Even though this is all role-play, the Spirit really is in our lessons as we teach and testify of Jesus Christ. During our next lesson with him, we focused on the restoration of the gospel, through Joseph Smith. We recited the First Vision to him, and explained that God called another prophet to teach His children. We then taught Him about the Book of Mormon, which he had been reading and invited Him to say the closing prayer. I asked him if he would pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. As he prayed, I know for a fact he felt the Spirit. There was such a tender feeling in the room, and I know the Holy Ghost was testifying to Him that this gospel is true. After he finished, he looked up and said, "I know it's true." This really is what this work is all about- helping others come unto Christ. I know the Lord's hand is in every single detail of it, and I'm so grateful for His constant guidance.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to do TRC again. That morning when I woke up, however, I had this bizarre feeling that the language was going to be a struggle for me. I didn't really understand why I was feeling this, but the Lord prepared me for what was to come. The first person we met with was Trent Anderson, who is from Eagle, Idaho and says he knows the Lees. Anyways, as we started teaching Him, I for some reason couldn't even put sentences together. I felt so helpless, especially since we had a whole 20 minutes to teach. That may not sound like a lot, but it is when you can't communicate with them. I was praying so hard that I would be able to speak, and I felt so discouraged when my mind was just at a blank. After our lesson, one of my Teachers, Brother Langer, asked us how our lesson went. I came right out and said, "I feel like the language is such a barrier for me." I don't know why, but I started to cry a little. I don't really remember what he told me, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I felt the Lord speaking through him, and I know that struggling with the language is necessary in order to receive the gift of tongues. Brother Langer reminded me that I hadn't even been here for four weeks, and that I really am progressing so well. I am so grateful for his uplifting words and for his constant example. He definitely pushes us as missionaries, and when we teach the lessons to Him, he speaks as fast as he would to a native, and asks questions that a really investigator would ask. I wouldn't trade him as a teacher for the world though. He has helped me so much, not only with the language, but with all of my struggles and hardships here at the MTC. I know that he. as well as all of my other teachers were given to me for a very special purpose.

After TRC, Bro Langer shared with us the story of the Stripling Warriors. I've always loved this story, but as I read it this time, I was really able to apply it. This scripture was written for me!! The stripling warriors were all young and quite inexperienced, especially to the Lamanites who knew how to fight. Just as the Stripling Warriors, I am young and I really don't know much, but because of that I have the amazing opportunity to be able to rely completely on the Lord. The Stripling Warriors practiced EXACT obedience and were faithful to the end. I know that I cannot do everything perfectly, but one thing I can do is being exactly obedient and always faithful. The Lord did allow the warriors to get wounded and scarred along the way, and he allows me to get hurt as well, but he will NEVER let me perish. I know the Lord is constantly watching out for me and that through all of my ups and downs, he will be fighting alongside of me.


During class the other day, Sister Fewster turned to the rest of our district and said, "Did you know that Martin Luther King paved the way for the restoration?" We were all so confused and tried to explain to her that the restoration happened about 130 years before Martin Luther was even alive, and that Martin Luther King paved the way for Civil Rights. Sis Fewster was SO determined that Martin Luther King played a huge part in the restoration, and it took her about 5 minutes to finally understand that it was Martin Luther from Europe who helped pave the way for the restoration.. Not the black man from the United States. It was HILARIOUS!

Bro Poole, one of our teachers, had us each choose our favorite scripture, and try to translate it into Tagalog. Sis Fewster was working so hard and then had Bro. Poole come see how well she was doing. He sat there so confused at first. and then said, "What scripture did you choose," She told him and then he started laughing so hard. She had chosen Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding." She didn't use the correct word for "lean" from the English- Tagalog translator and her sentence ended up like this, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and SKINNY not to thine own understanding." Yup.... wrong type of "lean". We all still get a kick out of it!

GUESS WHAT?! I memorized the entire First Vision in TAGALOG this week!! It took lots of time and practice, but I've got it!! HUGE tender mercy!!! 
ALSO... GUESS WHO GETS THEIR FLIGHT PLAN ON FRIDAY?!... ME!!! So next Monday, I'll let you know all of those details.. Isn't this insane?!
OH and yesterday, Sister Fewster and I were called to be the Sister Training Leaders for our zone

Last night we had to say goodbye to one of the districts in our zone, who are heading to Bagio. They were some of my biggest sources of support here at the MTC, and it was sad to see them go. We all congregated in one of the classrooms and sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and then had a group prayer. The Spirit was so strong and there wasn't a dry eye. I'm really going to miss them- they were my big brothers I never had. I also had to say goodbye to Elder Medeiros who reminds me EXACTLY of Luti.. it's kind of freaky. It's so weird that I only knew these people for 4 weeks, and yet we all became so close. I said goodbye to Hailey Jones as well- I'm going to miss not having my BYU roomie here. She has AMAZING things in store for her though, just as all the others who left. 

I LOVE THE MTC and EVERYTHING about it here!!! It has been such a wonderful experience and one that I will cherish forever! This week is going to be a great one, and I can't wait to here from you all soon!!

Sister Anderson

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