Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Portal for Demons!!!

May 25, 2014

Good Morning po!!!

This week has been great! Last Monday we went to the Bishop's house for dinner. Just as we got there, the Bishop left, saying he was going to go grab something. We didn't understand what was going on, but went inside anyways. One of the Bishop's daughters came up to me and Sister Judd and said, "Who's birthday is it?!" I was so confused at what was going on, and Sister Judd just looked at me and said, "Shoot..." Apparently the day before she was joking that tomorrow was her birthday, but the Bishop's wife didn't get the memo that she was kidding... The Bishop came back an hour later with a fancy cake for her... SO we celebrated her birthday!!! It was soooo funny and she felt awful, but I didn't mind because we got fed good food!!

This week Sister Rupp got to work with me and Sister Judd for two days while Sister Racaza had some things to do in Marikina. It was so fun to work with her and see how she teaches. I love being able to observe other missionaries and see how they do things. On Thursday it was her 1 year mark, so we decided to celebrate!! We went to JolliBee for dinner (super exciting..) haha and then on Friday we got a big cake and celebrated with our district after our service project! Hitting my 1 year marks seems like ages away, but I know that it is going to come faster than I can imagine... Ah! Just got to keep enjoying every single minute!

Guess what?! I had Spam for my very first time ever!! And it actually wasn't bad! We went over to Sister Marivik's who has two special needs boys, and helped her clean her house. Afterwards she fed us fried spam sandwiches. My first two sandwiches were fine.. They actually tasted pretty good! But then Marivick made me have a third... Oh man.. It took everything within me to not hurl! I think I can go without having a spam sandwich for quite some time now!

We had our ward family home evening on Saturday and invited all of our investigators and less actives. It actually went pretty well and was fun, except there were hardly any members there.. Just the ones that were in charge to bring food! Oh well! I think everyone had a good time! We gave some workshops about the basic beliefs of the church and missionary work and then played water balloon volleyball and had a sack race. It was HILARIOUS watching the Relief Society and the Elders Quorum get involved in the games- even some of the old men were doing the sack race!! All in all, it was a fun activity!

Well on Saturday we have the baptism of Nathaniel and Jetro Efondo, two young boys that we have been teaching for about a month now. There Grandma is a member and very active, and she takes them to church each week. Their Dad is a less active, and since we have been teaching his boys, he has started coming back to church! It has been great to see what an influence the example of his young boys has had on him!



So we have a new investigator, May, who is the daughter-in-law of Bro Benedicto, one of the members in our ward. She has been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately and every time we talk to her or Bro Benedicto, they just keep saying that something is so wrong with her body and they can't quite figure out what it is. While at the ward FHE, Bro Benedicto was talking about May's situation and was saying how May has been using a medication called Vick's to try to help her sleep at night. Then out of nowhere, he turned to Sister Judd and asked, "Do you think Vick's could be a portal for demons?!" Hahahaha sooooo basically they think May is posessed with evil Spirits... Hmmm.... not quite sure how to deal with this situation! Haha

Well things are still going great here in the Philippines! I love every single thing about it here and I wish you all could come and join in on all of these great experiences here- There really is nothing like it. I know that I have been called here for a reason and I am so grateful for each opportunity that I have everyday to try to understand more so what my purpose is and how I can fulfill it. It's definitely really hard work, but it makes me so happy. Last night it started raining really hard and so all 4 of us sisters ran outside to play in the rain. As I looked around and stood peacefully in the pouring rain, I couldn't help but think how privileged I am to know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves each and everyone of us so much. I know that he is so aware of me and each one of you. He is in the details of our lives and I know that His plan for us is perfect.

Thanks for all of your love and support! I pray for you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Anderson



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