Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just Another Good Week

July 27, 2014


Answering everyone's question... YES!!! We have water and electricity now!! Right after we came back from the temple last Wednesday, we had electricity! The blessings that come from serving in the temple:)

Nothing extremely exciting happened in the past few days.. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Alailima though on Thursday which was fun! We got punted a lot and did not have too many lessons, but we still had a great time! For our last appointment of the day, we met up with Sister Alfoja and Sister Rupp and taught the Honrejas Family about missionary work! That Family is doing amazing!! Brother Allan received the Priesthood last week and he is so strong in is faith. Ah, he really is awesome!!

At church yesterday, Bishop Villasis was released. He served for 8 years and was really burned out, and Brother Dabu was made the new Bishop. HE IS AMAZING. Holy moly. And he is just what the ward needs! He met with us right after church and laid out a plan to help the Honrejas Family stay involved in the ward and be prepared to be sealed next July. My prayers have been answered! I have been so worried to leave the Honrejas Family because they didn't have the support they needed, but now I know they are in good hands!

We have a new investigator, Sheen, who is the neighbor of the Wong Family. She's 21 and a little rough around the edges, but is so great! Last Friday we taught her the Restoration and I told the experience of Joseph Smith. A huge grin appeared on her face as I explained it, and I know that she felt the Spirit. It was a really neat experience for me too, as I really felt the power of my calling and I felt that the Spirit was really working through me. I LOVE being a missionary!!

Guess what I ate for lunch on Saturday?! Rice and...... PORK BLOOD!!!!! And guess what?! It was sooooo goood! Like so so sooooo good!!!!! I'll have to get the recipe so I can make it for all of you when I get home!! Oooo and I tried fish balls for the first time this week too! The food here is just too good! No wonder I am packin' on dem pounds!!;)

Sorry this was so boring... Hopefully something more exciting will happen this week! I love you all! Stay strong in your faith!!!


Sister Anderson


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