Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's a BOY.. That's it's tail.. It's a GIRL!!

October 12, 2014


Whelp, for all you who didn't guess it right, it's a girl!! She was born on Wednesday, October 8th at 3:12pm. She's about 4" 11' and weighs about 80lbs. She has dark brown hair and came out speaking fluent Tagalog! Her name is Sister Valdez and is an adorable Filipina!! It feels great to be a mom!

Training is so fun, especially when you have the cutest anak in the world! Sister Valdez already came to so prepared to the mission and she is just ready to work! As soon as we dropped off her luggage on transfer day, we went straight out to work! No time to unpack or anything... Work work work! That is what we do when we are on the Lord's time!! She doesn't speak too much English. So we basically talk in Tagalog! Hopefully I will get pretty fluent during these next few transfers! 

So it was Christmas this week as we got to watch General Conference! I know that you all already got to watch it, but boy am I grateful for modern-day prophets and apostles who lead Christ's church. The talks were so inspired and I received lots and lots of revelation. I really enjoyed the talks about sustaining our leaders because that is a HUGE problem that we face here. Last night as we taught one less active family, they just went on and on complaining about the leaders. I simply bore testimony to them that our leaders were called of God. There is nothing more to it. They are not perfect but they have been called of God. If we don't sustain and support our leaders, we are creating our own sort of personal apostasy and are turning our backs on our Savior. 

Thanks to everyone who has so graciously helped my cute fam back on the home-front with that giant disaster! I seriously just felt so much love for each of you as my parents expressed how everyone came together so quickly and without question to battle that giant flood. No other organization in the world could gather so many hands in the matter of minutes. How blessed we are to be members of the true church of Jesus Christ!

I love you all sooo sooo much! Have a fantastic week and remember that the most important part of conference is when it is over- when we go home to live it! So go review your favorite talks and follow the counsel of our inspired leaders!!


Sister Anderson


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