Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Eat it all!!

February 15, 2015

Hello po!!

This week was a great one! First off, I have the cutest companion in the world which makes the work so much more fun! It has been weird because we were able to work in our area EVERYDAY last week which NEVER happens, so that was a true miracle!! Hopefully we will be able to keep taking care of our area this upcoming transfer, even though we are seldom there. I just know that as we do everything we can, the Lord will continue to nourish it.

Guess what I finally did this week?! I finally decided to eat the barbecued intestines and squares of blood that they sell on the side of the street. And guess what? It was good!!!! Mom, Dad, and Emma- get ready to eat it with me when you come!!!! I never was a picky eater before, and I definitely am not now! You just got to eat it all for the experience! Plus, anything is good barbecued, right? Haha  

Today Sister Verdeflor and I had the opportunity to give a workshop with the Zone Leaders about "Attitude" in our Zone Training. We have a goal this transfer to have 40 baptisms as a zone and so we really focused on how our attitude makes the difference. It really is so amazing about what a good attitude can do. Elder Ballard said in regards to missionary work and attitude, "A good attitude brings good results, a fair attitude- fair results, and a poor attitude- poor results." In all we do, let's look for the good!!

Things are going great with our investigators! We have a projection of 4 baptisms next month, and one wedding!!! Wahooooo!!! Karen, our investigator, and her live-in, John Ray, who is a returning member, are really progressing!! We taught LOC to them last week and they are already working to get their papers together so that they can get married right away so that Karen can be baptized!! Please pray that it will all come together quickly and smoothly!

I just LOVE missionary life!! Nowhere else I'd rather be! And Congrats to cute Becca who got her call to BOLIVIA!!!! I was really wishing you would be called to the Philippines, but you will do AMAZING things in Bolivia!!!!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Anderson

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