Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fasting and Prayer

Hello once again!!

Things here in PQCM are still going great!! Sister Pau and I are staying busy and LOVING it!! We went on exchanges in Marikina, we had MLC, and we had an awesome FHE at the Pamittan house with all 6 of us missionaries here in Quirino 1st ward and all of our investigators! (One of the Pamittan daughters served with Megan Betillyon) And to top things off, we had a GREAT turn out yesterday at church -The Gimina Family, Kristine and her two kids, and Glory and her 3 kids!! The Lord is just pouring out blessings!!

The Gimina family is progressing so well- they have already read the entire gospel principles book, they read the Book of Mormon everyday, they have come to church 4 times in a row, they fasted before we even taught them about it, and they even paid tithing out of their sincere desire to obey all of God's commandments. They are doing amazing!!

Brother Hector brought up to us last Wednesday, however, that he just received his Visa and will probably be leaving to work abroad in Saudi within the next couple of weeks to work as a personal driver. When Sister Pau and I heard this, we were devastated as we want more than anything for their family to stay together so that they can receive the blessings of the temple and becoming an eternal family. We committed them to fast and pray about this decision, and we committed ourselves to do the same to help them. 

Yesterday at MCM, we brought up this concern, and right after doing so, the Elders Quorum president came who just happens to have his own driving business. He talked to us for a minute about Hector's situation and said that he would come work with us later on that day when we went to visit them. Our lesson with them last night was about following the prophets, and we used President Monson's counsel to us from last conference about going to the them temple. The EQ President, Brother Encabo, was able to testify how if Hector were to stay here with his family, his ultimate goal would be reached- to be sealed together for eternity with his family. Right then and there, Brother Encabo offered Hector a job as a driver and said that he would be there to help him in anything that he needed. 

Although Brother Hector is still praying about his decision, I know that they Lord truly answered our fasts and that he really hears every single on my pleas. I have really gained a strong testimony that He really knows and cares for each and everyone one of his children, and that sometimes he uses other people to answer our most earnest prayers. And thank you so much to everyone who continues to send prayers and fasts our way. They are being heard and answered!!!
Well transfers are next week, and I think that I might be transferred to one more area before my time here comes to a close... But we will see!! I will email on Tuesday and let you know!!

I love you all!!
Sister Anderson

We celebrated sister Moeakiola's 1 year mark!!

FHE at the Pamittan home
Me and Ate Maricel!

These cute girls that we see everyday:) They wanted to take a pic
Elder Condes and Elder Blakely

Kristine, Judy, and Gian!!  Our office buddies!!

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