Sunday, November 2, 2014


November 2, 2014
Whelp... I've made it over the HUMP! WHAT?!?! Yup, half way... I am not quite sure how I feel about this.... This means only 9 more months... And it is going to go by SUPER DUPER fast.... Man. BUT at least I still have 9 more months to keep improving and devote all my time and attention to serving the Lord!!

Last Wednesday, Elder and Sister Johnson, one of the senior couples, came and worked with Sister Valdez and I. They are from Utah and don't speak any Tagalog, but their testimonies were really felt by each person that we taught. We went and taught a new family of investigators- Teresita, Rochelle, and Samuel. Elder Johnson bore a beautiful testimony about families and the Spirit just filled the room. I then asked if they wanted they same thing for their family, in which they all assured me that they did. I went on to tell them that they could have an eternal family if they followed the example of Jesus Christ and are baptized. We then extended them a baptismal date for December, and they accepted! Now we just need to get them to church!!

Instead of walking or tricycling from appointment to appointment with the Johnson's, they took us around in their big truck. As we were driving along the small skinny streets, Elder Johnson totally smashed right into a parked tricycle and crunched it pretty good. He waited for about 15 seconds to make sure no one was hurt and just kept driving. Not even 7 seconds later, he thumped a kid pretty dang hard with his side view mirror... hahahaha and just kept driving!!! I am telling you, things are pretty dang different here in the Philippines!!

On Friday we had the chance to go to the city and have a devotional given by the one and only... ELDER OAKS!! Oh, it was soo amazing! And before the devotional began, we got to go up one by one and shake his hand... We got to shake the hand of an apostle of the Lord.... Ah, Sooo neat!! I cannot recall much what we shared in his talk, but the feelings that I had as I watched him shake each of our hands just reminded me of the Savior and how he responds to all of us as individuals. It was just such a testimony builder to me that the Lord really does guide his church through modern prophets and apostles.

Church was good yesterday, despite the fact that none of our investigators came. Man! Sister Valdez and I are working harder than we ever have and are OYMing at every opportunity, teaching the best we can, finding new investigators, but we can't get anyone to church. Our Zone has been given the goal for each companionship to have baptisms every single week in December. WE cannot do this though, if our investigators aren't coming to church. Please keep them in your prayers!

Life here in Morong is still great and I am loving every minute of it, and I hope all is well back on the home front! Love you all!!

Sister Anderson

                                            We Went Hiking!!!!!

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