Saturday, November 1, 2014

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       Saying goodbye to Denise before she leaves for her mission in Baguio
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The sky.  Who'da thought
We went to a wedding

Zid and Clark
                                     Walking through the bundok in Morong
October 26, 2014
Hello to all yal!!

Hope life where ever you are is almost as great as mine! This week has been a good one and little by little we are helping this area progress! It is definitely not an easy task and one that we cannot do alone, so we are really having to rely on Heavenly Father to help us get along each and every day.

On Saturday our branch held a "One Day Mission" where we went and contacted a bunch of the less actives in our branch. We met at the chapel in the morning and us sister missionaries gave a workshop. We then assigned everyone into companionships and assigned them a list of families to go visit. It was a HUGE success! The next day at church, the chapel was full as a large number of those we visited came! We have decided that we are going to hold a "One Day Mission" every third Saturday of each month to really help our branch progress and reactivate our brothers and sisters who have lost their way. 

We also had a miracle at church... Norma and Jose came!!! This was the first time we had investigators at church in 4 weeks and I think they enjoyed their experience. Tatay Jose has quite a problem when it comes to the Word of Wisdom and smokes two packs a day... yes, two packs. We challenged him to get down to one by the time we visited him next, and guess what?! He was down to only 2 sticks!!!! Ya, MIRACLE, right? We are definitely going to help them be baptized!!!

Heavenly Father blessed us with 5 new investigators this week! The first two were parents of a less active and the other three we were able to find yesterday- Teresita, Rochelle, and Mona Lisa. They were referrals from two members in our ward when they were out visiting less actives on Saturday. They gave them a pamphlet and they were super excited for us to visit them. Our recent convert, Sister Imelda, helped us find their house after church and we had a great lesson with them! Turns out they used to listen the the missionaries, and even still have the Book of Mormon that was given to them and still read it occasionally. We talked about baptism with them and then boldly invited them to be baptized. They were kind of shocked at first and the room was completely quiet for about 20 seconds... And then both Teresita and Rochelle accepted a baptismal date for December 6th!!! Now we just need to help them really begin their conversion process!

Our week was so great! And of course a week is not complete if you don't attend a wedding, right?! On Friday we went to a wedding reception for Jenny and Don Don, two members in our branch, complete with catered food and a chocolate fountain. YES. 

I love being a missionary and I love all the challenges, adventures, and experiences that I am having. No better way to spend 18 months of my life!!! Love you all!! Have a wondrous week!!

Sister Anderson

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