Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Call

Maligayang Pasko!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was definitely strange having my first Christmas without snow, but it was definitely one to remember! On Christmas Eve we had to be home by 5, so me and my kabahays made a Christmas dinner. I was in charge of the dessert, so I made muddy buddies and I ate so much that it literally made me sick. BUT it was so worth it! We then had a little Family Home Evening where we each studied about the Birth, life, death, of Jesus Christ and then shared it with one another. I decided to read out loud to them the birth of Jesus Christ as written in Luke 2. As I read the verse, "... that there was no room for him in the inn.." I literally felt the Spirit so strongly. It then hit me how sometimes in our lives, we don't "make room for Him in our in". We make, work, sports, school, or hobbies before Christ, and in turn don't give Him a place in our 'inn" to bless us.This Christmas, I have made myself the promise that I will always make room for Him, not matter what the circumstances.

On Christmas Day, we went to WORK!! We taught LOTS of lessons about the Birth, life, and most particularly the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I packaged up little bags of muddy buddies, candy, and other goodies, tied them with a ribbon, upon which I tied a picture of Jesus Christ and the Articles of Faith. It was so fun to give them to the tricycle drivers, as well as the people we taught. Lots of people made the comment that I was like Santa. It was a blast!!
On Saturday morning, our phone rang.. and guess who it was? President Revillo... Oh no. He asked to talk to me... He extended me the calling of a Sister Training Leader. What?! When he said that I broke down into tears! The Spirit testified to me that this was what the Lord has in store for me and an experience that I need. I know that it is going to be really hard and really stressful, but I couldn't be more excited!!! I have so many imperfections, so I am ready for heavenly Father to help me make them into strengths! Please keep me in your prayers though:)
Also on Saturday, Norma and Jose had their baptismal interview... And they Passed!!! They were baptized yesterday after church and it was absolutely amazing! I really don't want to leave them, but I know that now my work here in Morong is done. Now it is time to go to Pasig!!
Mahal na mahal ko kayo! And have a wonderful New Years!

Sister Anderson

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