Saturday, March 14, 2015

And They Just Keep Coming!

March 8, 2015
Magandang Tengahali!!!

Hope all is well back on the home front, and hopefully the you are all helping the Lord Hasten His great work! Man, this work is just going fast here and the miracles just keep coming!!

I had the chance this week to go on 2 exchanges this week. The first one was with Sister Alfoja- yes, Sister ALFOJA!! My second companion here in the field!! It was an absolute blast to work with her and I could just see how much I've changed since my third and fourth transfer with her. She is amazing! My second exchange was with Sister Devi. She grew up in Fiji, but she is INDIAN!! You have no idea how excited that made me! I love being able to go on exchanges with these great sisters because I really feel like I can relate with them and give them the advice and encouragement I would have liked to receive when I was going through the same things as them- especially the foreign missionaries with the language struggle. It is such a blessing that Heavenly Father uses our personal trials to be able to help others overcome theirs.

As for our area here in Pasig... MIRACLES JUST KEEP COMING!!!! WOW!! We didn't get to work a whole lot in our area this week, and yet we were led to AMAZING people who are sooo ready to accept the gospel, one of which is named Mary Rose. She is a referral who has a boyfriend who is a member in Vegas, and she went to church last week in Cubao. We met and taught her for the first time this week, and she accepted a baptismal date and said she will come to church every week! We also visited for the second time one of the other referrals, Ana Mae, who is GOLDEN. She is 24 and when we got to her house yesterday morning to teach her, the first question out of her mouth was, "When is my baptismal date again? I am so excited!" She attended church yesterday for the first time and LOVED it! The fellowshipping was great and there is no doubt she will be baptized! These Golden investigators just keep coming!

As for Karen, they are still waiting for their marriage papers to be processed.. Sayang!! We are really hoping for March 28th for their marriage and baptism!! 

Being a missionary is the BEST! I am enjoying EVERY moment of it! Hopefully time slows down a little bit, because there is just so much to be done here!!

I love you all! Keep helping the Lord Hasten His work!!

Sister Anderson

PS- Sister Verdeflor and I will be flying to MINDORO next Monday! Hopefully I will get a chance to email, but if I don't, no need to worry!!!:) Love you!
Sister Revillo and the other sister training leaders:)  My comp is on the far right!

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