Sunday, March 29, 2015

May apo na ako!


This week was so great!! Super busy and crazy here in Quirino and our schedule is NEVER regular, but it is so fun!!! Because we never get to work in our area, Sister Osumo and I decided to go on splits yesterday so we could get more work done, even though I did not know the area at all!!! Thank heavens Sister Maricelle, one of the ward missionaries is so sweet and keeps tabs on ALLLLL of our investigators so she was able to lead me around!!:)

May apo na ako!! I am a Grandma!! My anak, Sister Valdez, is training and my apo got to stay in our house this whole week until they got their flights to Mindoro!! I also got another anak!! Sister Osumo and I got to train the CUTEST missionary in the whole world! Her name is Sister Dahildahil and she got assigned to one of the areas in Mindoro. While she waited for her flight, Sister Osumo and I got to be her trainers! It was so fun and I LOVE new missionaries!!

This Saturday is the baptism of Jenny, who is the helper The Taylor's, a member family from Kaysville, Utah. She is not getting baptized here because she wants her family to see her example, so she is going back to the province. She is such an amazing woman though and I am sooo excited for her!!
I love you all!!! Keep all the missionaries in your prayers!!
Sister Anderson

These are my companions!!!  The one in the floral pjs is Sister DahilDahil( BecauseBecause) and the other is Sister Osumo! We got to train Sister DahilDahil this week before she met her real trainer in the island of Mindoro!!

Sister Tea!! She is the trainee of my trainee, Sister Valdez. She is my apo!! I am a grandma! Wahooo!!

Jenny!!!!! This is our investigator who is being baptized this Saturday, but will be baptized on another island:)

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