Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Time Where I got Dengue

March 23, 2015


Well, last week was an adventure!! You may have recalled that last week I did not fly to Mindoro like I was supposed to... And that is because I got Dengue! Yes, it is true.. But I conquered it!! It was not really fun though... I had a fever that lasted over a week, extreme body aches, my hands and feet swelled up like balloons, and my whole body was COVERED in rashes. I was at the hospital almost everyday getting blood tests, but don't worry- the mission took GREAT care of me!!! I also received a beautiful priesthood blessing and I know that it was because of that, I was got better.

I was sooo tired last week due to the Dengue as well as all the work that had to be done in the office. Sister Osumo and I, along with the Assistants worked hard on some new projects for the mission, one of which is called, "The Special 2", to help each companionship reach the goal of at least 2 baptisms ever month. We also got to give workshops in the Pasig Zone Interviews, and I had the opportunity to go on exchanges in Sumulong with Sister Rafique who is from Pakistan. It was quite the week!! 

On Sunday, Sister Verdeflor came back from Mindoro and it was so great to be back with my companion! We headed to Pasig chapel and 7 of our investigators came to church- Cristina, Crisitine, Gina, Adrain, Gladys, Glyssa, And Karen!! I was so sad Ana Mae couldn't make it though because of work. It really was AMAZING though!! After the 3 hour block, we had the BAPTISM of Gladys Bedija (14 yrs old)!! All of the youth did AMAZING at supporting her and they are the ones who did the whole program! Gladys was so cute and she really appreciated the support from everyone. It was so neat to be able to see the changes with Gladys- she used to never read her assignments that we would give her in the Book of Mormon, and she would only come to church on and off. Her parents are less active and her older sister, Glyden (active), would always encourage her and help her to keep her commitments. It took a while and a lot of work, but she finally started reading the Book of Mormon, and as she did, the change within her was REAL. She really did experience "a mighty change of heart". As Gladys stood up and bore her testimony at her baptism, tears came to her eyes as she said that she knows the church is true and that she knows without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I felt the Spirit so strongly and my love for the gospel and my Savior grew. Now we are working on her younger sister, Glyssa, to help prepare her for baptism in April!

Well... Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. I guess he knew that I needed a week of preparation in Cubao last week... I am getting transferred to Cubao and Sister Osumo is my new companion!! We will be working in the office and have a whole lot of responsibilities!!! I still will have an area to work in, but with all the work in the office and going on exchanges with all the Sisters, there won't be too much time. I am determined to help it progress though, just like Pasig.

I am going to miss Pasig soooooooooo much! Ah, they are literally the BEST ward ever! When I told the members I was leaving, they decided to throw a final FHE at the Feralles home for me!! They are so cute! We even had three of our investigators there- Adrian, Crsitina, and Karen!! I am so excited for my fam to meet all of these great people! The ward is already requesting that you bring some chocolate when we all go to church in Pasig when you come and pick me up! And one of the Sisters wants Lion House rolls because she served at Temple Square;)

As for Karen... She is getting MARRIED and BAPTIZED on Saturday!!!! I am soooo sad I will not be there, but I will ask President for special permission to attend. 

Grabe, I just love my area  here in Pasig sooo much and I cannot believe that my time is up . I remember that when I first came here, Sister Ramos told me that all the STLs have said that it is impossible to get your area to progress when you are always on exchanges. I didn't believe that to be true and I was determined to prove that theory a myth. Sister Ramos and I worked and worked last transfer, as did Sister Verdeflor and I this transfer. I really relied on the Lord that he would bless our area while we were gone, and when we were there, we did our best. And that is when miracles happened! We now have 2 baptisms for March and 3 for April. I literally have been blessed so much in this area and have been changed for the better.

Well, time is about up!! Thanks for all of the prayers you send my way because they have made miracles. Mahal na mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Anderson

Ps, And mom... Don't worry about my health! I am 100% great now!! Please don't contact the mission;) hahaha

FHE with my FAVORIT ward!  I love Pasig!!

Gladys Bedija's Baptism!!


BBQed intestines and blood!!  Chicken feet too!  Yummy Yummy!!

Pasig zone at Rainforest!

We went to the zoo!!



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