Monday, March 2, 2015

The Work Never Ends!

Hello to all yal!!
This week has been CRAZY busy!!! The Sister Training Leaders had the opportunity to give another role play in Zone Interviews this week. WE got to attend 2 of them at Aurora chapel, and will be presenting two more next week. It has been so fun to work alongside all of these sisters and the best part was our giant sleepover we got to have last Monday night! Wahoo!!

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with two other companionships- the first was Sister Passey from Indiana, and the second was my cute kabahay, Sister Liguayan. I was able to have Sister Liguayan work with me in my area that day and because we had not been able to work in our area all week, we were literally RUNNING from appointment to appointment. It was INSANE!! But so fun too! The work just never ends!! We had an opportunity that day to teach the Live-In Partner (Filipina) of an Australian member. WE taught our lessons in English and it was SOOOOOO hard. HOLY MOLY. Tagalog na lang! Haha the gift of tongues is real!

Karen is also doing amazing!! We taught her and John Ray at the Feralles home last week and had such a powerful lesson about tithing and fasting. Man, she is absolutely GOLDEN and makes my job as a missionary so easy. I just LOVE her!! It is amazing to see the changes that the gospel has on people. 

As for our other investigators, they are doing great! Heavenly Father is working miracles! We had 5 investigators at church yesterday, and 11 less actives! Even when Sister Verdeflor and I aren't working in our area, Heavenly Father continues to nourish it!! Cristina, one of our other really progressing investigators is doing awesome!!! We just need to get her married too! Haha I feel like Cupid trying to get these marriages figured out. Bishop talked to Cristina at church yesterday because she is really progressing and he said that he will try to figure out a way to help get them married because they are struggling getting their marriage papers together. Continue to keep praying for all these AMAZING people!!

Sister Verdeflor and I were also brave this week and battled the mice that are infesting our house! We killed 13 so far and we think there are still more... They joys!! Mom- you would die here. Hahaha

I love life as a missionary! There is nothing better to be serving the Lord!! Special shout out to the Price Family for the AMAZING package they sent me!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!! And a Happy Birthday to Todd Schultz!!!

Love you all!!

Sister Anderson

Yes.  Our house is infested with mice.  We have caught a lucky 13 so far!!!  We drowned them then put them in a doughnut bag:)

Sister Training Slumber Party!!

Just because I love cheese

Shout out to the Price Family for sending me heaven in a package!  Gum!!!  THANKS!

Some more mice!

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