Sunday, May 24, 2015

Boodle Fight!!

May 25, 2015


This past week was so fun and we started it out right with a great big boodle fight with everyone in our zone! A boodle fight is where you take palm tree leaves, lay them on a table, then you pile rice on it, and then on top of that you put heaps of food- chicken, pork, vegetables, adobo, just anything you want! And then everyone eats it with just their hands!! It may not be the most sanitary, but it is definitely SOBRAND MASARAP!

On Tuesday we had our zone interview workshops, and Sister Pau and I didn't have to give one! Wahoo!! At our actual interviews though the next night, Sister Revillo asked us to meet with her. She said that she now wanted us to be the ones to give a workshop for the next zone interviews... and the next one was the next day! Ahhh! Working under pressure! We were create a nice workshop and present the next day! I am so glad Sister liked it!! Now we get to go give it to the other zones this transfer. Thank heavens that my companion, Sister Pau, is absolutely amazing and just does everything so well!! I am so blessed to be able to be learning from her and all of her creativity when it comes to putting together workshops, training, conferences, and even just being a good missionary! Heavenly Father blessed me with the best of the best! 

On Saturday I got to go on exchanges with one of my favorite people!! Sister Verdeflor! Not only are we kabahays right now, she was also my previous companion in Pasig, so it was soo fun to be able to work with her! It was just like old times and it brought back to many good memories! It is so crazy that she goes home this transfer... Time here never stops!!

As for our investigators, the Gimina Family is REALLY progressing! Ahhh! I am so excited! They are loving the gospel and they love church! We are getting them so great fellowshippers as well, so that is such a blessing. Last night we went over the their house to do Book of Mormon reading with them. Tessie had read from 1 Nephi 1 to I Nephi 19 in 2 days!!! Holy Moly!! And she was able to tell us everything she read and even applied to herself. We decided to read with Hector, Tessie, and their 3 little girls (Christine, Maria Flor and Freshy Kyle) Lehi's Dream. The Spirit was so strong and you can see that they are truly being converted. There is NOTHING better than seeing families change because of the Restored Gospel.

I love being a missionary!!! 

Take care,
Sister Anderson
Sister Jenny!!!  My recent convert:)

Zone interviews
FHE with Nida Nido and her granddaughters!

Boodle Fight

We had a Boodle Fight in QCS Zone!!

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