Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Finding the Elect

April 19, 2015
Magandang Umaga!

This week has been so great!!  I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with two amazing Sisters, Sister Betham and Sister Weston!  I feel so blessed to be able to be a Sister Training Leader because I have the opportunity to learn and grow each day, especially from going on exchanges with them

The first exchange was on Thursday with Sister Betham. Wow. I can honestly say that it was the most spiritual exchange I have ever been on. From the moment I met Sister Betham last transfer, I had a very special connection with her- something that I could not describe. Since being kabahays with her this transfer, I have come to understand why Heavenly Father put us together, as it was part of His plan for us since the foundation of the world. I have been able to understand myself and my potential, not only as a missionary, but as a literal spirit daughter of Heavenly parents. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been able to learn from this Sister because she has literally changed my life forever.

As for my area here in Quirino 1st ward, we are still working to revive it! Yesterday I worked with Sister Maricel, one of the members, and we went to try and contact one of our OYMs, Roger, whom we had never taught. We "tao poed" the house with thought was theirs, but it turns out that no one by the name of Roger lives there. We began talking to the man who opened the door. His name was Hector and was super nice. We asked if we could share a message with him, so he went inside and asked his wife. They invited us in to teach them and their 3 beautiful daughters. They lesson was so amazing and Hector, his wife(Tessa), and their oldest daughter (Christine) all accepted a baptismal date! The Lord works in mysterious ways to help us find his elect! 

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love being a missionary!! I know that one day I will have to leave, and so I am enjoying EVERY single moment wearing a missionary tag and being a representative of Jesus Christ in all things!! 

I appreciate all that you do and the miracles that you continue to send my way because of your prayers! Take care and enjoy all the wedding festivities this week! Congrats, Elizabeth and Jeff! Can't wait to hear all about it!! Please send pictures!! And an invite:)


Sister Anderson
I got to go on exchanges with this lovely sister of mine, Sister Betham.  I think I wore her out by the end of the day..haha missionary work is WORK!

Just some pics of my area:)


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